I’m not a pawn. I’m the fucking queen.

I run my business the way I want to. I don’t wait for anyone. I don’t rely on anyone. I don’t ask for permission. I don’t require approval. I make money moves. I take inspired action and I do it quickly.

Part of the reason that I can be THIS confident with my business is because I have badass money management systems setup. I know exactly how much cash I have on hand right now and in the future—even when things are uncertain.

Having solid financial literacy and amazing procedures in place that give you the value you need to be able to make more informed decisions for your business—and your life, let’s be real—is exactly what creates empires.

Whether you have a side hustle, a new business, a 6 figure business, or even a multi million dollar company, knowing your numbers is KEY to building a LASTING empire.

And if you wanna be the QUEEN, you’ve got to have confidence in your decisions and you have to have enough confidence in your future money situation to make STRATEGIC moves QUICKLY.

Someone who doesn’t have this type of confidence and clarity with their cash can sometimes feel like a pawn—often feels taken advantage of, giving giving and giving without getting anything in return, feeling a little like you’re on a hamster wheel and not really going anywhere.

The path to QUEEN-dom requires you to be independent, confident, knowledgable, did I say independent?—that means you wait for no one. You rely on no one. You make the decisions. You get to say no when things are misaligned. You get to say yes to aligned action even when the world thinks you’re nuts.

Veering away from feeling like a pawn is often pretty overwhelming and scary—how can you figure it all out? The good news is, you’ve got the internet. You’ve got your network. Find the EXPERTS who can TEACH you all the things you need to know about building a company that is successful and equally important, one that lasts. From strategy to sales to marketing to operations—and yep, finances—you are required to learn it all so that you can then hire people who are aligned with you and your own vision. Without clarity in all of these areas, it’s difficult to find the exact value you deserve, and it can be pretty easy to find people who are more selfish than serving.

As for the finance part, I can absolutely help you get to the point where you are able to make smart decisions FAST. Enough of this second guessing, enough of wondering if an investment is worth it or if you can afford it, enough of the information overload with where to start.

I have tons of resources for you, including a one hour webinar where I will go through all the steps that you need to be taking as a business owner every single quarter to gauge your company’s efficiency, to understand what you can do to improve operations, and how to effectively plan for a successful year, even in the face of uncertainty.

You’re no pawn, babe. It’s time to step into your power.

Register for the webinar replay for just $11. These webinars happen every quarter and are included as part of the society membership at $47 per year. Find all the perks of becoming a member or snag your seat for the one time webinar at bossladyacademy.com/Q1 (replays will be available for everyone who registers).

About Alexis

Alexis is a CPA, the founder of Advance Accounting, LLC, and the creator of BossLady Academy. She is dedicated to helping fast-growing businesses as well as startups to maximize their business profits. Using easy to understand methods, Alexis has helped women gain confidence in their business finances and has helped them scale to the next level. She provides comprehensive trainings and setup services for startups to be able to maintain their own accounting easily, and provides fast growing companies with complete outsourced solutions so they can focus on what they do best. Through her training and services, she saves entrepreneurs tons of time, money, and stress.