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Do You Really Need An LLC?

Alexis Krystina – The Charmed Life Do You Really Need An LLC?  I see so many people in the online entrepreneur space bragging about getting an LLC for their business as if it makes them somehow more of a “real” business owner. And I have a few bones to pick on this. Because if we’re being real, an LLC is in zero ways more legit than a Sole Proprietor, and I honestly feel like when people start bragging about their LLCs, they 1. do not realize that there aren’t as many benefits as they think and 2. it causes other

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bookkeeping for your small business

The Best Kept Secret About Bookkeeping For Your Small Business

Alexis Krystina – The Charmed Life The Best Kept Secret About Bookkeeping For Your Business As a new business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. All of a sudden you need to become an expert in copywriting, social media marketing, and taxes. Like seriously, you just wanted to help people and get some freedom or maybe you just started a business as a side thing but now there’s this overwhelm. Naturally, you figure it out. You ask around, you do research, you invest, you learn. But when it comes to taxes and bookkeeping it just seems like there’s more

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What You Really Should Know About S-Corps

Alexis Krystina – The Charmed Life Should You Become An S Corp? What Is An S-Corp? An S-Corp is a tax election available to LLCs (it’s also available to Corporations, but I’m not getting into any Corp stuff here). If someone says they are an “S-Corp”, what they really mean is they are an LLC that has elected to be taxed as an S-Corp. See, LLCs by default are taxed exactly the same as a Sole Proprietor–so when people tell you that there are tax benefits to becoming an LLC, that’s simply not true by default. The tax benefits are

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What Freelancers Need To Know About Taxes

Alexis Krystina – The Charmed Life What Freelancers Need To Know About Taxes How Should You File Taxes? Freelancers typically will file taxes as a Sole Proprietor which means they will file a Schedule C form that gets integrated with their personal tax return. Once they reach a point where they are making thousands in net profit, they may want to look into filing as an S-Corp. S-Corp status is more complex and may offer some tax benefits–but at that point, I’d consider them a full fledged business rather than a freelancer. As far as actually filing taxes, a freelancer

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About Alexis

Alexis is a CPA, the founder of Pink Moon Financial, LLC. She is dedicated to helping fast-growing businesses as well as startups to maximize their business profits. Using easy to understand methods, Alexis has helped women gain confidence in their business finances and has helped them scale to the next level. She provides comprehensive trainings and setup services for startups to be able to maintain their own accounting easily, and provides fast growing companies with complete outsourced solutions so they can focus on what they do best. Through her training and services, she saves entrepreneurs tons of time, money, and stress.

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