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Inspired Action or Impulse: The Ultimate Truth About Self Doubt

Is it inspired action or is it impulse?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between an inspired action and an impulse—and it really could be argued that there isn’t a difference—the inspired action IS what leads to what others might perceive as “impulsive” behavior. But the ultimate truth is that if you take a second to tap into your intuition, you’ll know if it’s an impusle or if it’s a true inspired action.

Is it really true that you need days to decide on something just because it’s perceived to be a “big” decision?

The funny thing about this is that so much of our lives are created by our small decisions, not necessarily the big ones. When you take a second to really tap into your intuition, you realize you don’t need days to make a decision. You just need a minute to listen to your heart. When you know you know, and doubting yourself is not the vibe.

It’s crazy how often we doubt ourselves, right? It’s time to release the doubt. YOU know what’s best for YOU. Not anyone else, not society, not any gurus. Think about it: How many times have you listened to someone else’s advice because you felt that they might know better than you—and that might be true—they might be have experience, they might be the “expert”—but for whatever reason, their advice just felt off. Surely there’s been many times where you may have taken action one way or the other based on someone else’s perception of what the right move is, but it only feels good and snowballs into other amazing opportunities when it also is the move that feels right with you.

With so many of our decisions it comes down to this: Take the risk or lose the chance.

And often we have to make quick decisions. Way too often when we’re faced with a tough decision, we don’t know what to do. And if it’s a decision that must be made quickly, it’s even worse because now there’s pressure to make the right choice. But what, ultimately, is the right choice?

Two things I truly believe:

  1. There are no coincidences.

  2. Inspired action taken quickly and in the moment of inspiration is always the answer.

I used to think I was just impulsive (I mean I have a lot of Aquarius energy, it could be true.), but what’s interesting is that all of my “impulsive” decisions felt like the right move. So, for me it wasn’t impulse necessarily, it was INSPIRED ACTION. It was me listening to my intuition.

Something inside of me wanted me to move—and to move fast. I’m talking big things and little things—our first home that we purchased was a completely “impulsive” move. My hand tattoo, the lotus tattoo on my shoulder, cars, laptops, vacations, courses I’ve taken, I mean—SO MANY THINGS.

I refuse to play into the paradigm that these are just impulses with the traditional connotation. These ARE impulses—because they are divine guidance. They are inspired guidance.

The third concept I believe: I’ll always make the right decision.

This is my truth no matter what. There are no wrong decisions. If ever I feel a decision is “wrong”, I look deeper to determine the lesson.

Take the risk or lose the chance. 💯

Journal Prompts:

What’s the most recent inspired action you took? How did it feel? Were you able to make a quick decision?

When’s the last time you made a quick decision and you just knew it was the right move?

When’s the last time you took someone else’s advice and it felt off? Was it really the wrong decision or did it lead you on a path that eventually was right? Was there a lesson?

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