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How To Indulge All 5 Of Your Senses This Fall

Hygge rules my life. I’m a Taurus sun aka Venus Goddess so aesthetics are extremely important to me. If it’s not cute, I don’t want it—even my bookkeeping spreadsheets are a total vibe, ok. When I found out what Hygge meant, I was obsessed. Hygge basically means ‘cozy’, which in my own words means a fucking vibe and a half. This is how I live my life.

I absolutely love themes and I think that’s why Fall and The Holidays are my favorite times of the year—there are so many themes to play around with and so many ways to make our lives aesthetically pleasing and indulge all of our senses.

Here are the exact 5 things you need to indulge your senses this Fall so that you can enjoy the season to the max!

1. Smell

Candles, room sprays, body sprays, and yes even hand sanitizer will all help you to really get a hygge vibe this fall. Bath & Body Works of course leads the way here (for me, anyways). My current general favorite from them this year is White Pumpkin—I’m pretty sure this one is new. I got the hand sanitizer and the 3 wick candles. What I love about the sanitizer is that after I drop the kids off at school, I always sanitize so I get that first smell of fall really early in the morning—such a vibe. White Pumpkin, as described by Bath & Body Works, is a mix of Gingered White Pumpkin, Caramel Glaze, Warm Blended Spices with Natural Essential Oils. I personally LOVE the warmth from the cloves with the sweetness of the caramel—really adds a little something extra to the everyday pumpkin scents. And who doesn’t want something extra! I also have to have a different, more food-y scent for my kitchen and this year Wicked Apple (also from Bath & Body Works) is it for me. It’s a blend of vanilla, caramel, and you guessed it—green apple. As we get into November, I’ll switch over to a more cookie/marshmallow type of candle vs the apple vibe I love in September/October. For November, I love Marshmallow Fireside or Pumpkin Cupcake. In the bedroom I always like to do a more musky or cologne-type scent. This year I have Haunted Nights which has sage, mahogany, and verbena—literally no idea what that is. So to review, in the common areas, we stick with general pumpkin & leaves & fall smells, in the kitchen we go with the food smells, and in the bedroom we have the colognes. OH! I almost skipped the body wash. This fall for body wash, my #1 pick is Sunset Woods by Bath & Body Works—you can’t be surprised by now. Sunset Woods has cashmere, berries, and sandalwood. I’m usually not a fan of berries, but I guess the sweetness is so well balanced with the addition of sandalwood that it works. I didn’t know cashmere was a smell, but apparently I love it because in late summer I was loving Bonfire Bash which also had cashmere—who knew!

2. Taste

Ok let’s talk tastes this fall because really I feel like that’s the second most important aspect of indulging our senses—some might argue it could be first. This year Starbucks came out with the Apple Crisp Macchiato and omg I’m in love. This is great news for everyone like me who has been PSL-obsessed because now there will be Apple-obsessed people and we won’t feel so targeted. Now everyone has a fall drink they’re obsessed with, ok. I personally am Pumpkin Spice Latte obsessed, and I don’t know how I just discovered pumpkin flavors 5 years ago—how did I live so many years without this in my life!! I know why, it’s because I’m extremely picky and don’t like to try new foods—it is what it is and I’m not trying to change anything. I will say, though, that as much as I love my PSL, this new Apple Crisp drink is fighting for first place with me. I love that it tastes divine both hot and cold. I live in South Florida and sometimes I’m really not in the mood to have hot coffee on an October afternoon where the temp is 90 degrees. Since I’m not a fan of how the PSL tastes cold, this Apple Crisp has come to the rescue! I still get that Fall flavor but without sweating my ass off. The year I decided to try all things pumpkin was the same year I decided to give sweet potatoes a go. And omg, love them—can’t believe I skipped out on sweet potato casserole for my entire childhood. By far my #1 favorite sweet potato side is the sweet potato gnocchi from Trader Joes. It’s absolutely divine—if there’s anything that tastes like fall, it’s this. And can we also talk about these chocolate covered espresso snacks WITH pumpkin!? Yes please! I’m excited to make a lot of Trader Joe trips this season to discover new fall snacks and goodies!

3. Sight

Fall decor is my favorite! In South Florida it’s really all we got. The leaves don’t change down here, there’s no change in the temps, we have to rely on being intentional with our decor. This year I started a little pumpkin patch and I’m obsessed. Collecting things are one of my favorite pastimes and you can’t go wrong with knick knacks. I put little pumpkin patches around the house and obviously there is endless room to grow and endless possibilities with these pumpkins! I’m also completely obsessed with these little dudes from Yankee Candle—another collectible item. I started collecting these over 10 years ago! In September, right after Labor Day, fall is fair game and since I’m such a Halloween lover, that’s when I whip out the spooky decor as well. Into November, the leaves and pumpkins stay and the skeletons and witches are replaced with scarecrows and turkeys—and I start mixing in some Christmas decor, not gonna lie. You can’t tell me it’s too soon because ultimately, it’s simply not too soon for me. By far my favorite new decoration this year is this gorgeous sign. I got this hand made from @do_creations on IG. The pumpkin is interchangeable so I can swap it out with the seasons—obsessed.

4. Touch

Touch is going to be all about the pillows. There’s nothing like some comfy cozy pillows that also double as decor—talk about a total vibe. This is such a fun and simple way to enjoy the vibe of the season. In South Florida, we can’t do sweaters and coats unless there’s a cold front which usually don’t even start happening ’til late October if we’re lucky. For now, it’s all about the couch throws! I did also get this super cute sweater from Spirit Halloween—this is more than just a Halloween sweater though. I’ll absolutely be wearing this throughout all of the winter and it’s my go-to at home cozy sweater!

5. Sound

Nothing like the screams of little children to really get you in the Halloween vibe—kidding. Sounds in the fall are all about movies! There aren’t really specific songs related to fall as there are for Christmas, but there are definitely movies that can help you really embrace the fall vibes. So this one incorporates sight as well! So there’s the obvious Hocus Pocus and of course I LOVE how Freeform has the 31 nights of Halloween. Aside from those, my #1 favorite slip into fall movie is How To Deal. I’m not exactly sure why it reminds me of Fall specifically because the reality is that it goes through pretty much all of the seasons—there’s just something about that late fall/early holiday vibe that really gets me in the mood.

Celebrating each season is super important for me. It’s a great way to create new traditions, discover new things, and make beautiful memories! I love all the seasons but I love fall the most. I have officially dubbed Halloween as the kickoff to the holiday season and so, let the countdown begin! The most wonderful time of the year has arrived.

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