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Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m a CPA,  the owner of Pink Moon Financial, LLC, and I’m a blogger (again). #MomWifeBoss life.

Way back in 2011 shortly after my son was born, I started a blog. Back then, I had just graduated with my Masters in Accounting and as much as I loved having a “real job” vs part time gigs while in most of college, I knew this 9-5 situation was not for me. So, I thought maybe I’d try blogging—people make money blogging so I thought I’d give it a go. IT WAS SO FUN OMG.
I never did make a living with blogging (if you want to read about my career journey and how I became the owner of PMF, click here), but blogging opened up so many doors for me. First of all, I discovered just how much I love writing. I discovered fiction writing and I went down a fiction rabbit hole where I connected with so many writers and I actually wrote a 68,000 word novel. I submitted it to agencies, I sent it to my friends to beta read—the whole 9. No agent ever picked it up and I ultimately decided that it had to be rewritten but I never had the actual drive and passion to get it done, so anyways, there it sits. That being said, the journey to writing it was an amazing experience—an experience I’m not sure I want to do again. One of those one and done situations.
Blogging also connected me with an amazing community of women. I was crafting so much—so much that I ended up starting an Etsy shop, I learned a TON about online marketing—something I didn’t know then would actually help me launch my own online business years later. I also made so many amazing connections and friends.
Fast forward to today—I haven’t officially blogged in probably like 7 years as I built my business and had my second child. Life got crazy, I guess, and I stopped blogging. But I didn’t stop writing. I still had to write tons of content for my business. Now, though, I’m ready to get back to writing just for my own enjoyment—and hopefully yours too.
I love sharing my favorite tools, how I organize my life, obviously I’m still going to be sharing heavily on all things finance and tax, and I’m also going to be mixing in some home decor and beauty favorites as well as random posts that are empowering, inspiring, and intuitive.
I hope you enjoy!



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