A Little About Me

Where to begin with describing myself? Is it even possible to encompass all the different aspects of a person in a few words? I think not. So, I’ll give you the highlight reel of how I got here.

I’m a born rebel. My entire life I’ve done whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Rules and authority were two things I never understood. Later in life I found out I was an Aquarius rising, moon, & mars so if you know anything about astrology, you’ll know just how validating it was for me to find that out.

I’m also a Taurus sun so I love food, my comfort zone, and of course, I love money. I love luxury and nice things–I always loved the quote, “I have to be successful because I like expensive things.” And so, that’s what I always did–ensure my success.

I got good grades, got a job right when I turned 16, started paying my own cell phone bill at 18 because I knew I needed credit, and got my first credit card at 19. I got a scholarship to college where I finished my Bachelors & Masters, both in Accounting, in 4 years. I was ready to make some real money. That was my objective.

After about 6 years in the corporate world, I was making 6 figures. And then my world fell apart.

Back in 2016, I was living the life–making over $100K, working from home before it was a thing, and I had just had my second child. Then the company I was working for was sold. At that point, what I had previously known about “job security” was shattered. Enter: the fuck this shit vibe.

But let’s back track a smidge–I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I was 8 I sold friendship bracelets, when I was 16 I took a stab at more advanced beaded jewelry, at 20 I sold Mary Kay then jumped to Avon. At 24 I was a blogger, then I decided I was going to be an author and I wrote an entire 68,000 word fiction novel (and it’s actually pretty freakin good). I also had an Etsy shop where I sold little paper crafts (literally the cutest things), and my last gig was selling Senegence. I was determined to GTFO of this corporate construct. So when I got my work-from-home-six-figure-job, I was like YES! I made it! Freedom is mine. 

But it was a false sense of freedom. Yes, I had the flexibility of working from home, but the universe was like, girl don’t get it twisted. This is still a corporate job with all the corporate shit you’ve been running away from.

At that moment, I knew my job was in limbo so I decided I was going to bet on me one more time. I decided I was going to become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), even though I had once swore I’d never go back to studying. The CPA exam is rough. And with two kids plus a full time corporate job, that shit was intense. But, I passed all 4 parts on the first try with flying colors–would I really have had it any other way? No.

In 2017, I started my own accounting firm, previously named Advance Accounting, and I was beyond determined to make this work. And it did, because it’s what I was meant to do all along.

I always thought it was funny that after all those years of selling makeup and jewelry and paper, I ended up being an entrepreneur in the industry where I actually had been professionally trained. Who would’ve thought.

And that’s how I became an entrepreneur. The ride was wild but it was worth it.

Now looking back, I realize why none of those other ventures panned out–I was meant to empower women around money. One of my favorite things on this planet.

In 2021, I finally rebranded to Pink Moon Financial, LLC. I chose this name because I love the moon (I also love pink, obviously)–it’s feminine, it’s constantly changing yet it also stays the same. It also just so happened that I thought of this name right as the actual Pink Moon was approaching. The pink moon is the full moon that occurs in the month of April. April is such a great month for finance. It’s the beginning of the astrological new year, theres fire and earth energy so you’re both ready to feel grounded and play around with money and you have the fire and drive to actually get it done. The pink moon also represents a rebirth of sorts and I was going through a major transition phase during this time so it was literally perfect & divinely timed. As are all things, am I right?

As much as we need to tap into our energy, we also need to have systems that make us feel safe and secure. Everything is always yin and yang, masculine and feminine, and such is accounting. You’ve gotta be in the right mindset to tackle your money and face your taxes, and what I do is integrate energy, intuition, and emotion with all the practical things. I alchemize accounting. 

Pink Moon Financial, LLC is where I serve. I’ve created courses, tools, and client experiences that are unique, divinely inspired, and intentionally designed to help women in business feel powerful AF around taxes and their business finances.

I firmly believe that your numbers are the backbone of your business and when you’ve got the knowledge and insight that you get when your numbers are organized, you’ll succeed faster, you’ll grow faster, and you’ll pay less taxes–that’s what we all really want, let’s be honest. 🙂

The way I operate my business is different (of course it is, hello Aquarius) than most accountants–I don’t just do your bookkeeping and taxes, I create client experiences that are empowering. I educate. I give you insight and perspectives that are important to the bigger picture–the growth of your company. Organized finances are just the beginning. The power comes from what you do with those numbers. 

In addition to providing done-for-you tax and bookkeeping services, I also have created tons of accessible resources for startups so that everyone has the financial education needed to make more money faster–now THAT is job security.

Learn more about my business here!